August, 2020


The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemia has involved many changes in our society. From Angiogrup, we have dealt with it both from a professional therapeutic point of view (attending to the secondary effects related to the increase of venous and arterial thrombosis in patients affected by coronavirus) and preventive role. We make available to our patients all the necessary hygienic and distancing measures to avoid possible infections when visiting our center.

We have distanced the chairs in the waiting room, we offer hydroalcoholic gel washes to all visitors and professionals, we have barriers to avoid contagions, temperature measurement if necessary, we carry out a continuous washing of all our facilities and medical devices, and we follow all established medical recommendations.

If you are coming to our facilities, it is mandatory to come with a mask, gloves or washing with hydroalcoholic gel on your hands, and come with a maximum of one companion. If you have a cough, fever or respiratory symptoms, please consult our professionals before coming.

All the treatments we offer follow the same protocols and procedures to avoid infections. Anyway, we also offer the possibility of making telephone or telematic visits to avoid possible contagions, especially in those most fragile people. Contact us and we will explain you all the possibilities!

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